Week ahead & in review

November 6, 2015

The autumn forecast from the EU Commission points to a continuing moderate recovery in the euro area, …

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Week Ahead & in Review: Waiting for the Government

October 16, 2015

Week in review: In Portugal, the President has reportedly given elected parties until Tuesday to reach a …

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Week ahead & in review

September 26, 2015

WEEK IN REVIEW Deficit 2014 and Novo Banco: The National Statistics released this week the second notification of …

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Week ahead & in review: Fed holds rates

September 18, 2015

Week in review This week markets were focused on the possibility that the US Federal Open Market Committee would …

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Week ahead & in review: ECB’s candy

September 4, 2015

Week in review The ECB has sent equity markets up and the euro as president Draghi stated …

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Week in Review

July 31, 2015

Negotiations between the Greek government and creditors, which now includes the European Financial Stability Mechanism (EFSM), started …

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Week Ahead & in Review

July 25, 2015

WEEK IN REVIEW The Greek parliament passed the second package of reforms this week – a crucial step for …

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Week ahead & in review: Uncharted territory in Greece

June 29, 2015

Week in review: All about Greece Following weeks of intense negotiations to extend the bailout programme, talks collapsed last …

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Week ahed & in review: Portugal records strong domestic demand growth in Q1 2015

May 29, 2015

Week in review – Q1 GDP grows on the back of strong domestic demand: The Portuguese National …

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Week Ahead and in Review: Federal reserve minutes point to later hike

May 22, 2015

Week in review: In the US, the minutes of the Fed show that the number of rate-setters …

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