Code of conduct

Confidentiality and safety
We treat all our clients’ non-public information we obtain or create in connection with our activities in strict confidentiality. We do not disclose proprietary or confidential information about Macrometria or a client except when authorized by the client or by applicable law, appropriate legal process or appropriate Macrometria authorities.
We keep proprietary and confidential information secure at all times. We maintain company records, data and information accurately and retain them in accordance with the legal requirements. We exercise good judgment and use appropriate standards when creating company records and other documents (such as e-mail).
We safeguard the tangible and intangible assets of Macrometria and its clients, suppliers and distributors that are under our control, in line with the business objects as well as local practices and laws.

Professional integrity
We treat our clients and suppliers fairly, and we compete in a legal and ethical manner. We work only for clients who value the same standards of legitimacy and integrity that we do.
We always work in our clients’ best interest. We always exercise due professional care in the performance of our work. We are all responsible for maintaining ethical standards, including appropriate accounting controls. We identify, raise and resolve ethical issues as a priority.
We do not accept or give gifts or anything of value (including entertainment), except as governed by strict internal regulations. We do not use our knowledge of insider information to purchase or sell insider securities for our own or any third party’s account.

Personal conduct
We treat each other respectfully and support our fellow employees. We are fully committed to equal employment opportunities and comply with fair employment practices and non-discrimination laws. We believe in diversity and seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a diverse pool of candidates.
We maintain a healthy, safe and productive work environment and try to keep a balance between work and private life.

Corporate responsibility
We protect human rights and uphold the relevant laws and regulations. We reject illegal business practices such as corruption and white-collar crime .
We are socially responsible and support our communities. We attempt to live up to this responsibility by dedicating ourselves to projects for sharing ideas, driving the further development of society and supporting new initiatives. these projects take various forms, for example pro bono consulting or volunteering by our employees.