Portugal falls two places in the World Bank’s Doing Business Ranking

Portugal fell two places, from 23 to 25 in 189 countries, in the Doing Business Ranking in 2015. Nevertheless, Portugal ranks fairly well, when compared with other European economies such as the Netherlands (ranked 27), France (ranked 31) and Spain (ranked 33). The full rank in excel is available here.

Note that Portugal’s position has improved relative to the years before 201, however, data is not comparable as significant methodological changes were introduced in 2014 and 2015.

Portugal fares particularly well on two fronts, Starting a Business and Resolving Insolvency, where it’s ranked in 10th place. Those areas have been the focus of reforms in recent years. Starting a business improved markedly with the introduction of Empresa na Hora in 2006, a programme that allows entrepreneurs to register a firm in one go, eliminating the need for pre-authorisations. Since then, further administrative adjustemnts have been made, such as a change in the minimu capital required, that further improved this indicator. Portugal also made resolving insolvency easier by introducing in 2013 a new insolvency law that expedites liquidation procedures and creates fast-track mechanisms both in and out of court.

The worst performing areas are Getting Credit, Dealing with Construction Permits and Paying Taxes, where Portugal lags well behind its peers.